Get in touch with legislators by email or letters. Also create contact sheets, address labels or name tags with our proprietary contact management software.


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With one click, The Complete Statehouse will show you the members of a particular committee; with another, you’re all set to paste in your message to the system, and one last click does the mail-merge and sends an email automatically. It truly is that fast and that easy. Send letters or emails to one, some or all legislators in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

Our flagship product includes the resources to contact government entities, legislators and even congressional delegations. Available in Ohio and Illinois, we keep the records current so you don’t have to.

Legislator pages contained on our website includes all contact information, including statehouse and district addresses and phone numbers. The names of legislative secretaries for each Representative and Senator are available, too.

Find information on how to reach the right committee members via email, phone or USPS correspondence by checking IndianaNet’s archive of legislators’ contact information.

The Hannah Media Guide keeps up to date with news outlets across Ohio and allows users to find only the publications and editors they need to reach. It’s fast, affordable, current and easily accessible online.

Use Hannah News’ annual publication called the Book of Lobbyists to find out how to contact those who represent advocacy interests on Capitol Square. The professionally-bound desk reference is a must for those who work in and around Ohio state government.