Statehouse News, Legislative Information, and Report Generation that saves time, effort and keeps users organized.



  • Real-time updates from the floor of each chamber
  • Bill language, LSC analyses and fiscal notes grouped by bill version
  • Legislative reports that look professional, can be customized and are easy to generate
  • Tracking bills by bill number or legislative code that includes alerts and regular notifications

States Available


Capitol Connection is the premier software in the nation that allows users to follow bills as they make their way through the legislative process. Just three minutes utilizing the website each week will yield hours of time saved as users update others about relevant legislation, while keeping informed regarding the latest Statehouse news and committee hearing information. Finally, Hannah News archives make research easier and faster with a Search function that includes government documents and a 50 State Search capability on pending legislation.

Housed within our online system in Ohio and Illinois, ActionTRACK does the heavy lifting of keeping up with bills and allows users to rest assured that they will be kept up to date regarding schedule changes and revisions. Use ActionTRACK to generate legislative reports and update your people in a snap, too.

Our software saves users valuable time with automated alerts and custom committee schedules that are built around clients’ tracked bills. Users can click once to follow – or track – a bill, and another click will place the same bill on a legislative update meant to inform the user’s own clients. Then, users may create these updates and disseminate them however they see fit – via email, on a website, or within their own newsletters.