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Hannah News saves its lobbying and state advocacy clients time and effort in tracking legislation and keeps them informed with email alerts, daily news publications, and online tools. We’re experts at anticipating our clients’ needs and then automating ways to fulfill those needs.While constantly improving and innovating, we lead the online legislative industry with new applications and programs that assist our clients in being as productive as possible for their own. Investing just minutes each week on our website helps assure our customers that they will be kept informed about the issues and developments that make them effective.The people at Hannah News Service say it all the time – “If we’re not saving our customers time and effort, then we’re not providing much of a service.” That attitude has kept Hannah News in business for almost thirty years, and it continues to make us better as technology improves and becomes more accessible.Those who influence state government throughout the Midwest have come to rely on Hannah News Service as a valuable partner and resource. Many of our users tell us they could not do their jobs without us and wonder how they did in the past. We’re gratified and pleased to know our work assists others in their advocacy efforts.

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Finding legislative intent is one of the most-commonly utilized aspects of our service for law librarians in firms, at universities and within each county’s law libraries. Show patrons, students and perhaps even judges how and where they can figure out what the legislators were trying to accomplish when they passed each law.
Kentucky’s best source for finding legislative intent since 2011, our Frankfort-based office collects documents and breaking news items. Track your legislative outreach, coordinate your internal communications and stay up-to-the-minute on bills related to your government agency or office.
We have legislative information available back to 1998, and subscribers within law libraries and firms have access to all of it. Documents from the Attorney General, Civil Rights Commission and Inspector General’s office are also accessible.
Major court cases are covered in detail within our daily report, and subscribers can plug in a date to find out exactly what Hannah News journalists wrote on a particular day. Plus, our writers note in each piece when the same item or case received a write-up in The Hannah Report previously, so readers can follow our coverage back to its beginning.