Find current and past state legislation, as well as archived government documents, legislators’ voting histories and more.


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Available in both Ohio and Illinois, Capitol Connection houses the archives of bills from past General Assemblies, daily synopses of legislative actions and tens of thousands of state government-related documents.
This product allows users to create voting report cards on each legislator in regard to one or several bills that have navigated their way through the Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana legislative processes. Know which legislators are representing your interests and have the data to prove it within all four states.
Find all current pending legislation that is working its way through the process in Kentucky, and search for bills going back to 2011. Also, legislator information and government documents are updated and made available on the site as our Frankfort office receives them.
Similar to our flagship product in other states, Hannah IndianaNet includes current bill information along with data about legislators and their staffs, plus important meetings and fundraisers, too.
Customize the news alerts you receive from outlets around the Buckeye state, and tell our system to send you only articles about the subjects that affect you, your clients, your company or your membership. Comprehensive and easy to navigate, Ohio News Wire saves time and effort by searching over 40 outlets for you.
Affordable and simple to use, the Hannah Media Guide keeps up to date with news outlets across Ohio and allows users to find only the publications and editors they need to reach.
This proprietary news publication allows readers to find all articles written by our journalists about a particular subject by inputting a search term. Or, users can find out what was written on any given date, as well.