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Leading Lobbyists Depend on Hannah News

Hannah News saves its lobbying and state advocacy clients time and effort in tracking legislation and keeps them informed with email alerts, daily news publications, and online tools. We’re experts at anticipating our clients’ needs and then automating ways to fulfill those needs.

While constantly improving and innovating, we lead the online legislative industry with new applications and programs that assist our clients in being as productive as possible for their own. Investing just minutes each week on our website helps assure our customers that they will be kept informed about the issues and developments that make them effective.

The people at Hannah News Service say it all the time – “If we’re not saving our customers time and effort, then we’re not providing much of a service.” That attitude has kept Hannah News in business for thirty years, and it continues to make us better as technology improves and becomes more accessible.

Those who influence state government throughout the Midwest have come to rely on Hannah News Service as a valuable partner and resource. Many of our users tell us they could not do their jobs without us and wonder how they did in the past. We’re gratified and pleased to know our work assists others in their advocacy efforts.

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Hannah News currently serves Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana.
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The premier legislation-tracking, report-generating and time-saving state advocacy tool in the nation, Capitol Connection is available in Ohio and Illinois. Training and customer support from responsive Hannah News associates is all included in our service, too.

For our clients in Frankfort and all over the Kentucky, our service utilizes the same tools as the leading Hannah News products in other states. Track, report, contact, search and know – we have lobbyists covered in Kentucky.

Advocacy experts in Indianapolis have come to depend on the real-time alerts and online tools of Hannah IndianaNet to help them keep up with government-related events.

Communicate with legislators in a timely fashion and before an issue passes through the lens of interest for a committee and is forgotten. This product does an automatic mail-merge of all a committee’s members and the user need only input copy once to have it sent to multiple recipients via email. Printing prepared letters, labels and envelopes is all possible with The Complete Statehouse which is available in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

Our journalists in Ohio are experts in Capitol Square coverage, and Hannah News personnel collectively have over a century of experience watching and writing about state government. Our writers give context and insight, without infusing opinion.

Tailor this tool to work for you as you watch candidate messaging, national events and statewide issues that concern your clients. Clips from news outlets all over Ohio are emailed as many as four times a day.

This accounting of all legislative and executive actions of the day helps users in the busy state of Illinois stay current with bill introductions from both houses and has easy-to-find sections for each action.

This feature can be added to your legislative updates to help you keep your own clients informed about what’s happening around the Capitol building. Just like other information that can be added to reports, it takes just a click.

A complimentary clipping service of Hannah News for Ohio, the daily email hits in the mid-afternoon and gives readers the top news items with links included on each.

Our comprehensive listing of all lobbyists and government legislative liaisons includes contact information, and those registered with the Joint Legislative Ethics Commission appear in its pages and receive free mailings of the professionally-bound publication.