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Anyone who has spent any time in the business world understands that laws, executive orders and court decisions can alter the way people conduct their professional affairs. Whether a corporation or business has a professional lobbyist on the payroll or not, many industry leaders like to have a direct line of news to the Capitol so they can keep an eye on things themselves. Time constraints, budgets and personnel issues all may affect how and when they do, and Hannah News Service has a product and price-point so we can be of service to the largest corporations and the small business owner.

Be proactive, not reactive, and use our tools and publications to stay in-the-know and on top of the issues while there is still time to have a say in what’s happening in government on the state-level. We are Hannah News, and we want to help.

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Hannah News currently serves Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana.
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For Ohio and Illinois, our flagship product allows users to find the basic information about bills, committees and legislators so they can communicate intelligently with lawmakers and their staffs to affect change.
Similar to Hannah News products in other states, subscribers to this product in Kentucky will find the information and resources they need to be prepared when laws and rules are modified.
Our premier legislative software is now available for corporations in Indianapolis. Link to actual bill language as it is in committee and see any analyses and fiscal notes, too.
There is no substitute for direct communication, and The Complete Statehouse helps our clients in all of our states to send emails and written correspondence in a snap. With a few clicks, you can use the system to do a mail-merge automatically or print letters with personalized addresses and salutations.
For readers in the Buckeye State, our daily report is written by our own journalists and reviews state government actions. It covers all branches of government and gives subscribers a first-row seat to happenings in and around Capitol Square.
A weekly wrap-up of everything covered in our main publication, this product helps users take the big-picture view and allows them to keep half an eye on what the government might be doing to affect their interests.