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In Ohio and Illinois, input your bills into our system with one click; and you’ll know about the times and dates of their committee meetings, see emails about changes to their statuses, and be able to place the bills on legislative updates with a click.
Written by Hannah News’ own degreed journalists, this daily newsletter is emailed each evening to customers and covers all realms of Ohio state government, including all legislative committee meetings.
Available in Kentucky, our service in Frankfort alerts users about government-related happenings and allows them to track bills, generate legislative updates and contact legislators in a snap.
Utilizing the premier software in the nation allows users to follow bills as they make their way through the legislative process in Indiana, customers can spend just three minutes on the website each week to gain hours of time updating others about relevant legislation, while staying informed about the latest Statehouse news themselves.
This product, available in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana, makes it a breeze to prepare legislative report cards in seconds, generate correspondence to one or all of the legislators, research an unfamiliar Senator or Representative, review House and Senate Journals, and even access news from across the state.
Ohio News Wire includes several online tools to help manage and track media mentions in the major and minor publications throughout the Buckeye State. It also acts as a guide to meetings, press conferences, and government-related events around Ohio.
Focus Education, District superintendents, treasurers, educational service center executives and local school board members stay informed about the important matters facing Ohio’s children and their schooling, as well as the topics affecting public, private and charter schools.
Ohio readers can stay up on the top government-related story of the week, and can see categorized synopses of Ohio government happenings and events of the last seven days.
Similar to another weekly product from Hannah News, Capitol Monitor covers health- and human service-related subjects and utilizes the same professional journalists that produce The Hannah Report each day.
Hannah News’ Media Guide saves customers time and effort by supplying an online listing of media outlets that can be sorted by medium, region or size of market. Contact information is included for particular editors and producers, as well.
An annual desk reference for Ohio, The Book of Lobbyists is a listing of all individuals, along with their contact information, who are registered with the Joint Legislative Ethics Commission, and it includes legislative liaisons of state departments, too.
A complimentary service available to anyone in Ohio, this short email contains links to a few news stories each afternoon and may include breaking items being researched by Hannah News journalists for the nightly report.
Published in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana each Friday, this weekly synopsis of government-related news allows readers to know about the highlights without getting bogged down in all the details and minutia at the Capitol of each state and commonwealth.
Free to those in Illinois, this email hits readers’ inboxes early in the morning and links to the top government-related news stories from Chicago to Downstate.
Illinois sees so many bill introductions and actions that Hannah News sends a nightly wrap-up of the day’s legislative and executive actions. Plus, they’re all included in one email to keep users organized.