The legislative tracking service that became IndianaNet was long operated by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and predates the Internet by several decades. As the web became more prolific, the hard copy binding and delivering the Chamber provided of the state’s legislative histories ceased, and the service was among the first in the industry to go online in 1998.

As connection speeds increased, more legislative data became available in digital form but not without complexity. IndianaNet programmers worked closely with state officials to ensure this data could reach subscribers practically in real-time.

Hannah IndianaNet 2.0

In 2013, the Indiana Chamber determined that divesting from the legislative tracking business would enhance its ability to focus on advocacy and member service. The Chamber, long familiar with Hannah News as an industry leader, determined the Midwest’s leader of statehouse news, information and research was best situated to meet subscriber needs for the future.

The Hannah team spent several months meeting with subscribers to customize Hannah News’ proprietary software for their specific needs, and it continues to coordinate with customers to maximize value, minimize clutter and keep government affairs professionals ahead of the curve.