The Early Years

Hannah News Service has been in front of the curve for decades as the unmatched leader for statehouse news, information and research.

Prior to 1986, lobbyists; governmental affairs professionals at associations, corporations, state departments, and universities; and the public had no easy access to legislative documents or the ability to easily monitor or track legislative activities. There was obviously no Internet as we know it today. Many did not have computers and those who did were connecting online at very slow speeds. Legislative bills, analyses, court and agency decisions and opinions were only available in print – not electronically.

Realizing there was a need for quick and easy access to government and legislative documents, the ability to easily track legislation and prepare reports for clients and management, Hannah Information Systems was created. The company began the first online legislative service in Ohio in 1986, pioneering this new support system for governmental affairs professionals and providing limited public access through Ohio’s public and university library systems.

Since there was a vacuum in the marketplace for increased news coverage of the Statehouse and state government, the company grew from a database-information service to add news coverage in 1987 when it introduced its daily newsletter, The Hannah Report. At that time, the news division of the company was formed.

Emergence of the Internet 

Not until the introduction of browsers like Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and services like America Online, did the use of the Internet to share information change from serving the military, academic and scientific communities to serving individuals, as well. With the explosive growth of the Internet, Hannah Online was redesigned and renamed Capitol Connection in the early nineties.

Several years before it became common place, company leaders saw the emerging trend of opening access to government documents and developed the first Internet-based software in Ohio for accessing state documents like bill text and analysis and government information. Using extensive value-added features, customizable services and other cutting edge technologies, the company continued to be on the forefront of technology… as well as the first to provide Internet access to government relations professionals.

The New Millennium 

In late 1999, Hannah News Service entered into an agreement to add The Complete Statehouse software as an option in its collection of products. The Complete Statehouse is the front-runner in legislative contact management and vote analysis software.

In late 2003, Hannah News Service acquired the operation of the old Capitolwire in Ohio from Associated Press, LLC (AP) and started Ohio News Wire. This is a news tracking service that compliments the proprietary stories contained in The Hannah Report.

Capitol Connection was completely redesigned and introduced to Hannah News’ Ohio clients in 2006. The software is by all standards the single most comprehensive legislative information service available in the nation and has provided the template for Hannah News services in other states.

The Company Today

Continuing a trend started in 1986, the company still stores all documents on its own servers and Hannah News Service provides online research of government legislative and legal documents … more than any state agency site provides today. Hannah News Service serves as the technological trend-setter in the Midwest, and companies throughout the country look to Hannah News Service as they attempt to imitate what the company has been able to accomplish since its inception.

With its position secure as the leading provider of statehouse news, information and research in Ohio, Hannah News began to look beyond the borders of its home state. In 2010, it expanded its software and technical experience to a new venture south of the Ohio River.

In response to a void in the Kentucky marketplace for a detailed and accurate legislative information and news outlet, Kentucky Legislative Services, LLC (KLS Reports) in 2010 reached out to Hannah News Service and opened an office on Shelby Street in the capitol, licensing the Hannah News Service software for use in Kentucky.

The relationship with Hannah News Service was formed. As a result, KLS Reports became an exclusive partner utilizing Hannah News’ software as a base for innovations and upgrades specific to Kentucky users. For three years, Kentucky Legislative Services, LLC steadily increased the client base, and KLS Reports earned a reputation for providing useful and organized information to its clients reliably and on time.

The rapid growth and success of KLS Reports proved that Hannah News’ experience and history in the legislative field could be successfully taken to other statehouses and capitols.

After finding success for its software outside the borders of its own state, in 2011 Hannah News again situated an office across the street from the state capitol. This time Hannah News set boots on the ground in Springfield, Illinois.

As before, the unmatched leader of Statehouse news, information and research since 1986 recruited experts from the legislation-tracking field to lead its efforts in Illinois and the Illinois service was born. The third state to be represented in the Hannah News family of companies, the Springfield office contingent worked with clients during its infancy to develop Illinois-centric online products and tools. And because of the massive number of bills introduced in the home state of the 44th U.S. president, Hannah News developers worked to make the system more robust and hearty, as well.

And two years later, an office in Indianapolis – Hannah News Service-Midwest, LLC – was included under the umbrella of the Hannah News family of companies. Dating back over half a century, IndianaNet became THE source for legislative information and Statehouse news in Indianapolis and around the Hoosier state. Originally operated by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in Indianapolis, it has assisted lobbyists, government departments and bill-watchers to keep tabs on events within the Capitol building and legislative chambers.

In 2013, Hannah News Service – Midwest, LLC purchased the IndianaNet service from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. This company immediately merged with Kentucky Legislative Services, LLC to form a two-state operation.  Today, Hannah News Service – Midwest, LLC owns and operates both services in Kentucky and Indiana and utilizes the same premier software as Hannah’s other states.

Currently, all four of the Hannah News states – Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana – continue to prosper and grow while saving clients time and effort as Hannah News works to keep them informed about government-related news and development in real time.

The Future and Our Expansion

Hannah News continues to improve and seek input from its customers to learn how it can provide more value and service in all of its states. The company maintains a strong commitment to providing world-class news, information and products to its clients, and invites phone calls and emails. Contact the company’s main office in Columbus, or one of its satellite offices in Frankfort, Springfield or Indianapolis by phone or email. Remember, Hannah News always wants to hear from its users and clients-to-be.